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Barley Candy Lollipops - 60 per box, $0.45/each # of boxes Price per Unit Total
Mmmmm Maple $27.00
Organic Honey $27.00
Classic Cherry $27.00
Orange Soda $27.00
Blue Raspberry Blast $27.00
Creamy Caramel $27.00
Sweet Strawberry $27.00
Green Apple Delight $27.00
Chocolate Truffles - Bags of 7 Truffles # of boxes Price per Unit Total
Milk Chocolate $2.50
Dark Chocolate $2.50
Caramel $2.50
Maple Truffles $2.50
Peanut Butter $2.50
Maple Syrup Lollipops - 60 pcs # of boxes Price per Unit Total
Maple Syrup Lollipops $59.40





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